Happy Mind. Happy Life.

Happiness is our personal holy grail. This book addresses your ability to acquire peak satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment day after day. Happiness will become your default state rather than an emotion triggered by outside circumstances for you to feel good.

Imagine feeling unstoppable, free to imagine and create your best life possible. Only what we think about - our emotional health, enables or disables that journey. You will gain insight on how to follow your bliss and leave your old blisters behind. The path is yours to make, take or forsake.
The “reasons” we have for the way “life is” are the very obstacles that cut us off from what we want most. No matter how “real” they seem be - other people, circumstances, some sense of lack, you will see them for what they really are. You just need to move a few thoughts around, change your point of view (point of YOU) and “Shift” happens. 
Your self-actualization is the most profound gift you can give yourself and humanity. Follow Your Bliss, Not Your Blisters is a companion guide to your individual journey.

You could say, this book is a “happ” for what bothers you. Simple, profound, and unforgettable.




    Higher Consciousness: It's a thing.

"Nanci practices what she preaches and lives unconditionally happy. If you desire happiness to be your go-to response to life’s challenges, please read this book."

                                    - Darrin Zeer, Best-selling author & America’s Relaxation Expert

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The distinctions Iaid out in the book are universal.  Send me an email with any questions you have and I am happy to answer any personal question you may have.

My audience is from all walks of life. If you are human, you share a human “condition.”  Break down obstacles for what they are and learn what’s behind getting what you want and why  what's iunwanted keeps showing up.

"There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The rainbow and pot are one.  All your tomorrows stand on how you choose to live your life today. "                                           
                                                                                                       - Nanci

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"Fulfillment and happiness don't require searching outside oneself. As is with your DNA, unlimited potential for joy is already mapped out inside you. The distinctions in Follow Your Bliss, Not Your Blisters invite you to rediscover it."   

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